Weber filling systems for large bags

Efficient weighing and filling of Big-Bags, octabins, containers and drums

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WEBER filling system for large bags can be used for all kinds of solids, such as powders, granulates, pellets, flakes or tablets. The kinds of bulk materials that can be handled range from the abrasive, highly dusty, fluidising or free flowing, to those with added molasses – to name but a few.

Our large bag filling systems reliably and efficiently fill Big-Bags, octabins, containers and drums. Along with our scales and weighing electronics, they are developed and manufactured in-house, guaranteeing you optimum interaction between system components.
The modular design of the components allows flexible system configurations that can be adapted to meet your specific spatial requirements.




Optional modules for your system

  • Combination machine for Big-Bag and drum filling
  • Settler, integrated into the scales platform
  • Overfill protector in the product pipe
  • Automatic inflation of Big-Bags/inliners before filling
  • Retractable small bag filling (valve bag or open mouth bag),
    each with its own scales
  • Mobile system
  • Stainless steel version
  • ATEX version
  • Scales platform with integrated conveyor components
    (e.g. roller conveyors, chain conveyors)
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Full pallet logistics