Weber universal industrial robots

Efficient palletising with the WPR-220

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Thanks to the sturdy construction and resulting high handling capacity of the WPR-220 industrial robot, it is suitable for universal use in all industrial sectors for weights of up to 220 kg.

Development work for this robot focused on the requirements of packaging and palletising technology, i.e. a large working area in conjunction with various gripper systems to allow efficient palletising of a very broad range of packaging types, including bags, drums and cartons.

A further benefit of the robot palletising process is that the bags from several filling lines can be stacked by just one robot on the same or different pallets.

If a pallet needs to be exchanged, it is also possible for the robot to take a new pallet from a separate stack of empty pallets and place it in the palletising position by itself. Protective sheets can additionally be placed on both the empty and full pallets.
We can supply the WPR-220 with complete individual package or full pallet conveyor technology, according to your specifications and spatial requirements. This includes conveyor belts, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, curved belts, turntables, automatic empty pallet magazines, bag smoothing belts, various bag identification systems, metal detectors and checkweighers.





  • Fork gripper (e.g. for bag handling)
  • Vacuum gripper (e.g. for cardboard boxes)
  • Drum gripper
  • Combi gripper for bags, pallets and protective sheets
  • Special gripper to customer specifications
  • Conveyor technology
  • Barcode scanner for tracking packaging
  • Packaging/pallet identification systems
  • Complete solutions including filling technology