WEBER Open mouth filling systems

OFS 800 for filling machine for prefabricated bags

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The proven, high performance OFS series is designed for fill weights of 10 kg to 35 kg per bag and can achieve rates of up to 800 bags per hour. All prefabricated open mouth bags made from paper, PE, PP or combined materials can be used.

The universal bagging system securely and reliably handles all common types of bags, such as flat bottom, cross bottom, block bottom and side folded bags.

The application range covers powders and granulates through to pellets from the food processing, animal feed and chemical industries. The OFS bagging system can also pack seeds, building materials and wood pellets efficiently. This versatile packaging system is capable of handling very diverse kinds of bagged goods, such as free flowing, bridging, fluidising, abrasive, highly dusty and hygroscopic bulk materials, to name but a few.




Optional modules for your system

  • Gross or net weighing
  • Bag upper edge folding device
  • Bag upper edge trimming device
  • Denaturing device to deaerate the product
  • ATEX versions
  • Stainless steel version
  • Mobile systems